Curriculum Vitae

RNDr. Daniel Vaněk, PhD.


RNDr. in Molecular Biology, Ph.D. in Forensic genetics - Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Professional experience:

X/1989 – X/1991
Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Microbiology
- Research assistant

I/1992 – I/2002
Ministry of Interior of Czech Republic, Institute of Criminalistics Prague, Forensic DNA laboratory
- Head of DNA laboratory, Head of National DNA database

II/2002 – VII/2004
International Commission on Missing Persons, Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Head of DNA laboratory, Head of Research and Development
- Quality Manager

VIII/2004 - III/2005
External Consultant to the International Commision on Missing Persons

III/2005 – now
Forensic DNA Service
- Director

Assistant professor – 2nd Medical Faculty and Faculty of Science on Charles University in Prague, CZE

Authorized expert of the Municipal Court in Prague for the field of forensic DNA identifications

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