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DNA testing

DNA profiling is a powerful forensic tool, which has developed rapidly over the last decades. The ability of the technique to discriminate between individuals has resulted in its extensive use in the investigation of criminal offences.

For all biological samples submitted for forensic and paternity testing, Forensic DNA Service offers the following:

  • Rapid standard processing to meet client deadlines, and RUSH testing is available
  • Proven success with difficult samples
  • Genotyping for the core STR loci, analyzed using ABI PRISM instrumentation
  • Analysis of forensic samples in accordance with guidelines outlined by the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI)
  • Competitive pricing
  • Data basing of processed samples

Forensic DNA Service is able to process all samples submitted for DNA testing. The samples (blood, saliva reference samples; stain mixtures, hair, cigarette butts, sperm, etc.) are genotyped in our own certified laboratory. We use the most advanced procedures for the analysis of autosomal and gonosomal STRs and mitochondrial DNA.

Forensic DNA Service's experts are available to consult with you and testify in court for criminal cases involving DNA evidence.

Dr. Daniel Vanek
is certified by the Municipal court in Prague as an expert in Forensic biology and genetics and Genetics.

Questions, Requests: info@DNA.com.cz

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