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Information about the 7th century human remains from Ergolding, Germany in covered in the research article  "Kinship and Y-Chromosome Analysis of 7th Century Human Remains" published in CMJ or in poster posted during the 6th ISABS conference in Split, Croatia. 

Forensic DNA Service is a principal investigator in project ARCHEOSTEON - DNA identification of Premyslid family skeletal remains on Prague Castle. The story is covered e.g. in Prague Post, and Portal of Prague.

For more information about our research and publication activity visit the web page of our archaeogenetic laboratory

Current and past R&D activities


  • Statistical evaluation of mixed DNA stains
  • Arteficial peaks in capillary electrophoresis
  • Genotyping of degraded biological samples
  • DNA collection system based on lifting tape

Quality Assurance in Forensic DNA Service

Forensic DNA Service is ISO 9001:2008 certified and regularly passes the external proficiency testing (see the certificates)

PHARE project

Forensic DNA Service won the PHARE tender for the realization of the project "Good laboratory practice, consultancy in quality assurance introduction, specialized training in forensic DNA analysis" (Programme number: 2003004995-2301-0002, beneficiary: Ministry of the Interior, Forensic Science Institute of Slovak Police Corps)

The project realization started in November 2005 and was finalized August 2006. The team of experts and external consultants was supervised by RNDr.Daniel Vaněk, PhD. (CV).

The project consisted of 3 components:

Component 1 - Quality Assurance (QA) Program

Activity 1.1 Assistance during the internal audits in DNA laboratories
Activity 1.2 Training in ISO 17025 Quality Assurance program for DNA laboratories
Activity 1.3 External audit in DNA laboratories

Component 2 - Practical training, conferences

Activity 2.1 Practical training in ENFSI laboratory
Activity 2.2 Y-chromosome typing seminary and workshop
Activity 2.3 Training for crime scene technicians
Activity 2.4 Training for investigators, prosecutors and judges
Activity 2.5 Workshop focused on the advances in the forensic molecular biology

Component 3 - Laboratory design and set up

Activity 3.1 Consultancy

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